Vermilion Fly Guy

Tailored Adventures for Every Angler

Embark on a personalized fly-fishing adventure with Vermilion Fly Guy. Explore the pristine waters of Lake Vermilion and its surrounding rivers, chasing after diverse species that call these waters home.

Quality Fishing Gear

Experience the thrill of fly-fishing with premium gear from renowned manufacturers. I provide quality equipment, including rods, reels, bait, and lures/flies. Many of my flies are custom tied for Vermilion Fly Guy. Whether you prefer traditional or fly gear, rest assured that every piece of equipment is meticulously chosen to enhance your fishing experience.

Spacious Boating Equipment

Enjoy the flexibility of fishing from different watercraft based on your preferences. Cruise the expansive Lake Vermilion in a spacious Crestliner 1850 Pro Tiller, providing ample room for casting and maneuvering. Opt for a smaller Crestliner 1860 Retriever CC Tunnel Jet Boat for river expeditions, ensuring an intimate and immersive fishing encounter.

Targeted Species Excursions

Tailor your fishing trip to pursue the species that captivate your angling desires. From the elusive Musky, to the spirited Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike. Nothing is more fun than taking kids out to panfish. Each trip is crafted to offer a unique and diverse fishing experience.

Flexible Trip Durations

Choose the duration and start time that suits your schedule and fishing ambitions. Whether you opt for a quick 4-hour exploration or an extensive 8-hour expedition, each trip promises excitement and opportunities to reel in remarkable catches. Flexibility is key, ensuring your fishing adventure aligns seamlessly with your preferences.

Night Fishing Adventures

For those seeking a unique fishing experience, explore the waters under the stars with my night fishing excursions. Targeting walleye and musky, using conventional gear, these nighttime adventures add an extra layer of excitement to your fishing journey. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the night while chasing after these elusive species.

Begin Your Adventure

Ready to dive into the world of fly fishing? Connect now and secure your spot for a personalized and unforgettable angling experience.

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